About us

Who we are

The Nurses Christian Fellowship New Zealand / Te Kotahitanga Tapuhi Karaitiana o Aotearoa (Incorporated) (NCFNZ) is a national organisation providing support and advice to Christian nurses and outreach to those keen to investigate the many benefits of a life with God! NCFNZ brings the Christian perspective to national, regional, and local policy development, so ensuring the nursing profession is underpinned with sound ethical principles and that our service users have access to the best possible spiritual and bodily care.

What we do 

Provide a network for nurses throughout New Zealand that:

  • Encourages and supports Christian nurses in living out their faith in compassionate and competent professional practice
  • Empowers Christian nurses to examine, understand, and apply scripture as it relates to their work
  • Promotes friendship, collegiality, and communication among Christian nurses nationwide
  • Equips and supports Christian nurse leaders across the country
  • Represents Christian nurses and Christian values in the national nursing and health care arena
  • Reaches  out to colleagues through practically demonstrating Gods love and grace, helping them to recognise Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and invite Him into their lives
  • Works with, learns from, and encourages those sharing similar purpose around the world, playing an active role as a national member of Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) and the NCF Pacific and East Asia region (PACEA)

What we believe

The fundamental beliefs underpinning NCFNZ are:

  • There is one true God, one being in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and through Him all things were created
  • The Bible is our foundation text book, inspired by God, possessing His authority, believable and trustworthy as a guide to our life and work
  • Our way to gain eternal life with God in Heaven is by believing that Jesus Christ came to earth as the Son of God, died for us, came back to life, and that our sins will be forgiven if we ask and repent in His name
  • All people were made equal in the image of God and deserve our full respect and the highest quality of care we can provide
  • God, as the Holy Spirit, lives within us supporting our living in a way that honours and pleases the Father. He is with us as a guide, mentor, and teacher as we go about our lives and provide care in our workplace

Whakapapa - Our history

NCFNZ was re-born on International Nurses Day 2015, the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Our background is rooted in a history going back to that day, a history and genealogy appropriately and best described as our whakapapa. We all know most of Florence’s story but the key thing her writings tell us is that on February 7th 1837, at 17 years old, she heard God’s voice calling her into ‘service’, eventually leading her into nursing. Our profession has never been the same since.

Whilst the contribution of other nurse leaders was significant, nursing in Aotearoa NZ, as with many nations around the world, was strongly influenced by Florence. Early last century, our nurse leaders were facing challenges of conflict abroad and in making their contribution to the development of the country, including our profession. They stood on their commitment to Christ in doing so.

Part of this commitment was to carry on Nightingale’s Christian mission by establishing in 1924 a national organisation to support Christian nurses in their work – the Nurses Christian Union (NCU). Director of the Division of Nursing at the Department of Health (similar to our modern day Chief Nurse at the Ministry) Jessie Bicknell was the first patron of NCU and a committed advocate of Christianity as the foundation of our practice.

Eventually the ‘Union’ became the ‘Fellowship’ to effectively link with similar organisations worldwide as part of Nurses Christian Fellowship International. In time just about every hospital in NZ had a branch of NCF with meetings packed out on a regular basis. Every organisation has its season though and in the late 90s the profile of NCF became less obvious. In 2015, 90 years since nurse leaders of Aotearoa acknowledged their faith as underpinning a commitment to caring, NCFNZ once again proclaims the centrality of God to the work of our profession.

NCFNZ is an Incorporated Society and Registered Charity.

Meet the team


Mark Jones

Mark Jones 

Tēnā koe e hoa,

I am pleased to be President and Chair of the re-born Nurses Christian Fellowship of New Zealand! My nursing history goes back to the UK where I progressed into primary health care, moving through practice to national policy and leadership roles. I came to live in Aotearoa NZ in 2005 to serve as Chief Nurse based in the Ministry of Health. From there I hopped over to Perth to help set up an international outreach programme teaching nurses and midwives in East Africa and was persuaded to become its Director with additional responsibilities as Professor for Transcultural Health Improvement with Curtin University. Coming back to NZ I worked with Massey University as Associate Head and Head of their School of Nursing. I am also Co-Chair of the College of Nurses Aotearoa

In the past my walk with God has been a little wobbly but I’m well on track and I now affirm Him as my Lord and Saviour. Welcome to NCFNZ, enjoy your fellowship with us.


Angela Clark

Angela Clark 

I am excited about what God is doing through NCF. We are overflowing with His greatness in teachings, prayers and fellowship. I am personally honoured to be alongside you as you walk your Christian faith throughout your day. I have met great friends since joining NCF in 2015, have learnt a few skills and had some good hearty laughs.  Our great kiwi ingenuity and can-do attitude has seen us experience and grow with events for you.  NCF International is represented across the world and many countries are excited to hear about our “Nourish A Nurse” events – coined by a young nurse, formerly on our committee.  

I represent NCF on the Pacific East Asia (PACEA) Regional Committee, am a trainer for the Saline Process Witness Training Programme and NCF Board Treasurer.  I am a Professional Nursing Advisor and live in Tamaki Makaurau Auckland.

I hope you’ll connect with us in our ministry of Nurses Christian Fellowship, become an NCF member, attend a Nourish A Nurse event, connect on Facebook and use the resources on our website, newsletters and through our courses.  We look forward to seeing God nourish you, so you may nourish and transform nursing. 


1 Thessalonians 5:11  Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

Fernah Peacey

Fernah Peacey 

Hi, I am Fernah Peacey,  I am married with 3 children, and 4 (soon to be 5) mokopuna.  I live in Wellington and work in Wellington ICU and as an ICU flight nurse.  My husband and I lived in the Solomon Islands for a couple of years, and more recently I have done short trips to Kiribati to work with the ICU nurses.  I came to faith in Jesus as a child, and have always had a passion to help people.  During my nursing training in Christchurch I was active in sharing my faith and helping my nursing colleagues to grow in their faith.

In 2019, after attending a conference focusing on faith in the work place  I was challenged about how my work matters to God.  I was stirred up (by God) to take action, and from a contact at the conference connected with Mark Jones.  For a while I had wanted to set up something to support Christian nurses in Wellington ICU – but God had bigger ideas!  I also enrolled in a Saline Process course and learned how I can be salt and light in my workplace.  And so began my connection with NCFNZ.

In my spare time, I enjoy the outdoors – especially the south island.

Anthea Tu'a

Anthea T'ua

After discovering the wonderful and challenging world of paramedicine, I retrained to become an emergency nurse, working to receive those patients I used to bring in. I am currently specialising in paediatric emergency which brings about its own set of rewards, difficulties and demands (mental, intellectual and spiritual). Everyday I get to stand beside people in their darkest hour but I also get to see miracles. I have a passion for understanding the human anatomy and physiology to both better my clinical understanding but also marvel at God's creation. How awesome is His design. I thank God I am able to work in emergency, and find His peace in the chaos to help others in need.

Andrea Menendez-Harris

Andrea Menendez-Harris

I started my General and Obstetric Nursing in 1980 at Greenlane Central School, Auckland. 

My roles have been varied including Paediatrics,  Radiology, and Primary Health care. 

I have studied tissue viability and spinal cord injury at Southbank University when I worked at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital,  London.

I have worked in Sydney as an Agency Nurse, and at a General hospital in the outback.

Presently I am a Senior Plunket Nurse at Counties Manukau in the Manurewa team, where I have worked for the ladt 12 years.

My role not only includes being a Preceptor, but also Chair of the Health and Safety Committee, (and member of the Regional H&S Committee).

Nursing is a 'taxing' vocation; physically, emotionally, and mentally.  It's important for me to be nourished spiritually. Podcasts are a wonderful thing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic to listen to those with a deep spiritual connection with God, and attend Catholic mass online. (Yes, I've had a Catholic education).

I use the scriptures about Moses early in my nursing career  to help with my organisational skills; if the work is getting busier, more stressful; avoid getting emotional, stay calm and focus on the job at hand.

I hand over my life, my work to God daily.

I learn't about total surrender prior to having a cyst removed from my neck last year (2019), and that was ALL I could do..when I was having biopsies when a needle was in my neck, and in being vulnerable, it was all I could do, to surrender to my God.

Even prior to this (?10years ago) I experienced an apparition of Jesus during a breast biopsy..HE was a shadow leaning over the trolley, looking at me....I knew I was safe. God will always care for me.

Thank you for welcoming me to be part of this committee. I look forward to getting to know you all, supporting you all and others. 

Maree Turnbull

Maree Turnbull

It is a real privilege and Honour to be part of the NCFNZ committee.  A calling that God put on my heart after attending a Saline Training course in Christchurch where I met Mark Jones our President / Chair.

I have lived in the Gore area for over 50 years and have just relocated to Cromwell for the next Chapter. I am Married with 2 Grown up Children and farming life has always been part of my life alongside Nursing. 

I have been Nursing in the Southland region for 33 years working in areas of Medical, Surgical, A & E, Public Health and for the last 15 years have been part of the District Nursing Team in Gore. 

A couple of years ago, God gave me these 2 words  UNITE and IGNITE and they have never left me.

I am Passionate about bringing Fellow Christian Nurses together to Encourage and build each other up in the calling that God has for each and every one of us. To Inspire each other with Gods faithfulness through sharing of testimonies and fellowship at our Nourish a Nurse Events.

I am very excited to be part of building and Igniting NCFNZ in the Otago Southland Region


Susan Hunt

Susan Hunt

Hi, my name is Susan and I work as a registered nurse within the Day Surgery Unit at Southland Hospital. I am also a wife and mother to three beautiful girls. I value relationship and community and am always looking for ways to reach and connect with people, whether it be praying with someone, going out for a coffee, inviting them for a meal at our home or simply getting out for a much-needed walk. I desire to encourage people to grow deeper in their faith and invite Christ into every aspect of their lives.

Healthcare, nursing and our local Southland Hospital resides as a matter of importance in my heart. I have felt the holy spirit stir in me, over the need for unity and fellowship and shared community and prayer. One of my closest friends is the hospital chaplain and we speak often of this (she and I share similar stirrings and aspirations) and the power that comes when believers get together with a joined purpose. As Jesus followers we have the opportunity to change atmospheres, cultures and lives within our work. Encouraging one another and praying together will have amazing impacts within our local healthcare system and the people we serve within it.

I am pleased to join the team at NCFNZ and excited about the journey that God has led me to be a part of. I attended a Saline course in Gore in early 2022 and had the opportunity to not only expand my knowledge, skills and confidence to share the gospel and meet spiritual needs within nursing, but to also connect with other Christian nurses, and health professionals within Southland. Being part of the NCFNZ team is a wonderful way to bring together my skills and passions and it is my prayer that God uses them in whatever way brings glory to his name and shines his light in the darkness. I encourage you all to get involved with your local chapter, attend Nourish a Nurse events and be inspired.

Mei Biddle - Māori Representative

Mei Biddle 

Kia Ora Tatou

Nga Mihi Nunui kia whanau Nurses Christian Fellowship New Zealand! (NCFNZ) – The hugest hello!

Ko wai au? – (Who am I?)

Ko Hikurangi raua ko Maungapohatu nga Maunga – My Mountains are Hikurangi and Maungapohatu

Ko Ngati Kahungunu raua ko Ngai Tuhoe nga Iwi – My Tribes are Ngati Kahungunu and Ngai Tuhoe

Ko Ngai te Ipu raua ko Tamakaimoana nga Hapuu – My Subtribes are Ngai te Ipu and Tamakaimoana

Ko Whakaki raua ko Whakatane nga Awa – My Rivers are Whakaki and Whakatane

Ko Kihitu Haraki raua ko Rua Kenana nga Tupuna – My Ancestors are Kihitu Haraki and Rua Kenana

Ko Jack raua ko Joenella (AKA -  Dawn) Biddle oku Maatua – My Parents are Jack and Dawn Biddle

Ko Mei Biddle taku ingoa

I was born in Hastings and raised in Kahungunu on a farm by my grandmother. I have worked in the wool industry doing the many jobs pertaining to this profession including wool-handling, pressing and shearing.  I am also a qualified Secondary School Teacher graduating in 2008, and teaching in Wellington for 2 years.  Both my parents were not well (Diabetes and Stroke) at the time I did not understand these two conditions so in 2010 I put myself through a Health Care Assistant (Level 4) course and unbeknown to me this was a prerequisite to a Nursing Degree.  My tutor at the time said I would make a wonderful Nurse and should pursue it and hence this letter.  I graduated in 2015, passed my State Exam in November 2016 and did two years working for Disabilities Resource Centre Trust in Whakatane as a Assessments Co-ordinator than when I passed my State Exam I was doing HCA work until I was employed by ADHB in February 2018.

 I look forward to learning and seeing Jesus work through us all as we commit to being a living sacrifice to bring Jesus glory and doing far greater things than Jesus did.



Una Wainivetau - Pasifika Representative

Una Wainivetau

Hi my name is Una. I work as a Nurse Practitioner with Starship Community, Auckland District Health Board.

I was born and grew up in Fiji where I did my nursing training and worked for 7 years before migrating to New Zealand in 2001. I completed my post-graduate studies at Massey University in Auckland. I am married with 2 boys. I also volunteer for my local church - Grace City Church.

I am blessed to be part of the NZNCF as a representative for Pasifika Christian Nurses in New Zealand. Most of us were born in the islands and have learnt to navigate our way into the New Zealand way of life including the health system. Everyday I’m reminded of God’s love and grace. His word says in Romans: 8:28; And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. What a blessing to be part of his calling! Nursing is a calling that allows me to be the heart, hands and mouth of God to those I serve.  

Psalms 90:17 “Let the favour of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands”.  God bless all Nurses.

Helen Vaughan - Faith Community Nursing Representative

Helen Vaughan 

I am delighted to come onto the Board of the Nurses Christian Fellowship as a Faith Community Nurse representative. God called me to Faith Community Nursing in  2007. I have practiced in several churches and am about to begin a  ministry at new church. I have been on the Board of the NZ Faith Community Nurses Association for several years. Unfortunately the Association has dissolved this year. Nurses Christian Fellowship have kindly agreed to “nest” the Association until such time as God calls someone to revive it.

I am  very interested in the international aspect of Faith Community Nursing, and in 2018, was privileged to attend the Westberg Symposium, the international faith community nurses conference in Memphis, Tennessee. I meet 3 monthly with other faith community nurses from round the world via zoom.

Helen Torr

Helen Torr

Helen is the past President of NCFNZ. 

Helen is a Special Adviser to the current NCFNZ management committee and a Life Member in recognition of her significant contribution.